Selection of appropriate AR SDK: development toolkit for mobile AR APP

Mobile AR APP Development
Mobile AR APP Development

Technology provides us so many gifts from which the best one is AR which stands for augmented reality. The main reason behind its importance is that it completes change & revolutionized the digital world. A number of sectors are available where the technology of cutting edge is applied like gaming, education, commerce, & education. It has been also seen that there is a constant rise in AR technology, businesses are also trying to enhance to segment capitalize.

Digital giants such as Google, Facebook & Apple are highly invested in augmented reality. It has been also seen that small businesses start recognizes the potential & scope of AR along with making the investments in this particular domain. Units of industries & businesses can take the benefits of AR in order to gain an edge in this competitive world. Every SDK of augmented reality seems to be different and can be select as per the requirement or which can fulfil the desired.

AR applications
AR applications

Characterization of AR applications

AR mobile applications are basically of four types. These can be defined as Marker-based, projection-based, superimposition based & Location-based AR applications. These can be elaborated as:

1. Location-based AR

This is mainly associated with the virtual content for a specific location. This technology is mainly used in travels & tools where travellers can easily get specific locations by using the applications of travel. This technology is also known as mark less AR. This technology uses GPS & several positioning systems along with network information of the phone. Information that can be extracted is mainly used to evaluate the user location. The location of the user can be triggering the AR elements in order to appear on the screen. Specific data of user location seem to be important to make a location-based augmented reality application.

2. Marker-based AR

This technology is known as the recognition of image work on AR. This will also give more and more information about the object. This device recognizes different images or objects which is also known as a marker. Any object along with a unique visual feature can be used as a marker. When an object has been placed in front of a camera, at this moment device detects the location of the marker and replaces them with a 3-D version & then provides object information.

3. Superimposition based AR

This technology is the characterization of AR that can replace the partial or full real view of a particular object with AR. And specific item can be visualized in real life but when this application superimposes with AR then provide the exact location of the object but different in dramatically manner.

4. Project based AR

This is an aspect in which project-based AR applications that can use the advanced technology of projection. This technology is highly beneficial & also helps in order to simplify the difficult manual tasks that seem to be a part of the process of manufacturing.

How to select the effective AR kit for software development (SDK)

Select of SDK does not seem to be an easy process because there is a number of AR development kits available. So, there is a requirement to select the appropriate kit of app development and it should be select as per the functionality of a mobile application. There are some criteria’s that can be discussed below:

License types

The important factor is that that can be considered by every entrepreneur before project initialization is profit potential. This is the main reason that every entrepreneur considers money as a priority. Hence, the developer has to check the license type that can be an offer by AR SDK. There are two licenses available that is free or commercial. In high cases, the best option to go with the paid option because the free option only has limited functionality. Hence, a commercial license is necessary to develop a mobile application.

Support for smart glass

In current scenarios, there are many AR apps based functions available for Smartphone’s which means the user of Smartphone’s can see out the virtual objects on the screen of gadgets. Although, there are so many ways to overlay the objects of AR with smart glasses. Smart glasses provide a hands-free experience to AR users. In this current scenario, smart glasses are so popular. Hence, with smart glasses, it is possible to develop AR-based mobile applications that are compatible with gadgets.

Supported platforms

It seems to be necessary to check compatible platforms that can work appropriately in the selection of AR SDK. Although, SDK would be compatible with Android & iOS and can be used to operating systems of mobile. Some AR SDKs are compatible with the platform of Universal windows (UWP). This will also help developers to create an AR application for windows that can be operated with Smartphone’s & computers.

Best tools for augmented reality

1. Vuforia

It offers an impressive function set that can be defined as:

· The best is Video Playback, whenever it targets the surfaces, Vuforia will start playing videos.

· Recognition of text with having a standard vocabulary

2. Wikitude

This is the latest version which includes various exclusive features of AR and permits the developers to build location-based AR applications for mobile. Some main features can be defined as:

· Cloud recognition & on-device

· Supportable geo-location in order to add location-based services to AR applications of mobile.

3. AR Toolkit

It seems to be an open-source AR software in which the developer builds the source code for mobile applications. The main functions can be defined as:

· Dual or single camera support

· Simultaneously tracking

· Integrated GPS & compasses


XZIMG offers three different AR products that can be defined as:

· The technology of facial tracking which works on the Unity plug-in

· Magic face solution offers by XZIMG in order to design applications for face replacement and makeup.

· Black & white markers along with simple images.

In the bottom line

It has been clear that AR SDKs are useful and have several features and one can also select the best-suited tool in order to create the customized applications based on AR. There is a requirement to select the appropriate function that is required in order to develop the mobile application. After this, check out the SDKs list, & consider the cost element and then develop an outstanding application of mobile. Mtoag technologies is a mobile app development company that has skilled expertise in knowing augmented reality and help you in order to develop a mobile application based on AR.

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